TSUT #3 – Use the Super Sweet Services

There are LOTS of amazing services on campus that you may not know about. Find them now, and your years at Brescia will be a lot smoother!

Here are a few of my favourite finds:

HBK Shuttle Bus- The HBK bus is a service provided free to Brescia, Huron, and Kings students that shuttles you between campuses. It’s timed to classes, so you don’t have to walk all the way from one class to the next! All you do is hop on and hop off (no need for a bus pass).

Student Health- Did you know that as part of your student fees you pay for the Student Health Plan? This plan covers your 80% of drug prescriptions (as well as other benefits)  just as a normal medical plan would. On campus is also a fully-functioning walk-in/health clinic called  Student Health Services (it’s run FOR students, not BY students). Just show up with your health card and student card and you can get the care you need (you can usually call ahead to book a same day appointment). I’ve had great experiences with the staff and medical professionals at Student Health, and they have lots of experience dealing with typical student-related concerns(like stress or sexual health).

Off Campus Housing Service- Did you know that Western has a service for students living in Off Campus Housing? Check out their website to read campus house listings, learn about meal plans for non-residence students, find out more about renting in London, and link to Housing Mediation, which is a free service that helps you resolve conflicts with Landlords or roommates, etc.

Western’s Student Success Center – Check out the Western Student Services website, especially the CAREERS section! This center has tons of things you need to help you out through your time at Western, whether you want to jump-start your career or look for a leadership opportunity. The cool thing about Career Central is that it lets you browse job postings and sign up for internship positions!

Brescia’s Student Services - At Brescia, the Student Services are tailored to YOU! They have tons of great personal development programs and their own career services!

Writing Skills Instructor- There is a support person at Brescia specifically hired to help you with your writing. “Bring your notes, doodles, and assignments” and book a one-on-one appointment. Also check out the workshops offered through the University Student Toolkit, another great resource.

Well, that’s it! Just SOME of the awesome resources available to you on campus. Hopefully Christine will share more of her finds with you- and you will post any great ones on here!

Good luck!