Let the Countdown begin!

One month remains….dum dum dum…..

Usually the month of August brings a time to reflect on the summer thus far and the fact that yes, the summer is in fact half-over.

But not this year. Like many other Brescia frosh, I could not be more excited for school to start (and by school I mean the fun part like moving into my residence room and meeting new people). So as I continue to shop for bedding, towels and other dorm “essentials” , I will use this time to reflect on how I got to this point- one month away from moving into the Brescia castle.

For the past year, I researched various universities and programs to find my right university “fit”. I always liked Brescia, but the all-women’s concept freaked me out! Luckily, I came across Kate’s blog and realized that 1. Brescia is awesome! and 2. Girls who choose to go to all-women’s institutions are not only normal but super cool. So in a full circle moment, I wish to say goodbye to Kate, the resident blogger of Bresciablog and the person who helped make my decision to come to Brescia easier! Not only is Kate super nice, but she’s really smart (hello, grad school!) and her blogs are always informative. I wish Kate all the best on her trip to Europe and her new beginnings in September on behalf of the Bresciablog community. I know everyone , including myself, will miss reading her posts!

So here’s to new beginnings, mid-summer reflections and ONE MONTH TO GO!


Christine xo

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  1. Christine Post author

    I’m glad you got over the pond okay :) Enjoy Scotland- can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you get back!

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