Back to School Shopping: the ultimate stress reliever

Over the past two weeks since my last blog post, my mantra has changed from “September, hurry up” to “slow down summer”.

I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life…there is TOO much to do, too many people to see, too many cute things to buy for my dorm room and too much work to be done in such a short time frame. I cannot believe I am moving out in less than 2 weeks! AH!

Before this weekend, I felt extremely stressed about all that needed to be done before I left for London. Three days of power shopping later, I feel once again excited (and not stressed) about the prospect of going away to school.

All it took was making a list; a three page monstrous list formed by suggestions from my mom, older friends and lists on the internet to get me on the road to back to school shopping.

With most of the items on my list bought, I feel a sense of relief that I can see, do and pack (almost) everything in  the 12 days that remain before I move into Brescia!

Needless to say, with an ever dwindling to-do list, and my last week of work upon me, I have never been so excited for summer to end and a new chapter in my life to begin.

Now if I could only attempt to pack up all those purchases…

-Christine xo